Shipping & Stockists

We try to ship your order as soon as possible. For orders outside of Italy we might wait a few days to consolidate shippings.
We prefer to ship with reliable, trackable couriers. Please keep in mind that the shipping cost you see applied to your order doesn't cover the actual cost we pay (which sometimes is even more than the cost of the magazine). 

We are proud to work with the following magazine stores!
While our issues are usually sold out in a few days on our website, these stores might still carry some copies. If you happen to be in one these cities, take a stroll and pay them a visit. They are beautiful places where you can uncover a world of creativity, art, and inspiration!

Frab's (Milan, Italy)
Reading Room (Milan, Italy) 
Edicola 518 (Perugia, Italy)
Rosa Wolf (Berlin, Germany) 
Athenaeum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Under the Cover (Lisbon, Portugal)
Chandal (Barcelona, Spain) 
News & Coffee (Barcelona, Spain)
Papercut (Stockholm, Sweden) 
magCulture (London, UK)
Magma (London, UK)